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Fresh Fleeces

Fresh Fleeces made these beautiful Fresh Fleeces earrings and matching ‘sheep’ necklaces.

  • Artistic sheep theme: Sterling & fine silver necklace
  • Quality sheep jewellery: Handmade by silversmiths
  • Measurements: Approx. 15mm wide x 18mm high x 3mm thick
  • Packaging: Ready to give in a solid black box encased in a luxurious sheep embroidered felt button close pouch
  • Care tip: Fine silver – superior at retaining its lustre

Fresh Fleeces: Handmade Countryside Jewellery from Fresh Fleeces on Vimeo.

Find out more about Fresh Fleeces earrings
Find out more about Fresh Fleeces necklaces
Fresh Fleeces
Ards BT23

Logan Whistles

Presentation Trophy
Winner’s Trophy

Harford Logan’s daughter, Joanne McHardy set up The McHardy Sculpture Company in London. Now based in West Sussex Joanne has created a growing range of original Border Collie art, jewellery and accessories for The Border Collie Company under the brand McHardy Originals. Logan Whistles have created our own trophy for  A Way with Dogsand Joanne will bring it along to the filming of 22nd and 23rd September. Find out more about the making of our trophy

Logan Whistles 
The Border Collie Company
+44 (0)1798 8758


Dafydd Davies

We’re delighted that Dafydd Davies of Churchmount Working Sheepdogs is making the crook for the A Way with Dogs  champion. He combines modern and traditional methods using rams’ horn to make the handles. Each stick can take 5 – 10 days of individual carving. Find out more about the making of our crook


STORM® Canis

STORM® Canis have kindly donated packs to take home with them. A number of our A Way with Dogs sheepdog trialling champions already use STORM® Canis as a natural feed supplement for their dogs.
STORM ® Canis can help all working and sporting dogs work at optimal speed and power for longer. By encouraging fast bursts of speed and quick recovery times, STORM® Canis actively promotes a dog’s health and well being. It should be added to the normal diet, thus providing part of a normal balanced ration.