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Paddy Fanning & the handler interviews

It was important to us that viewers of the A Way with Dogs’ sheepdog trials should have a chance to get to know and understand the handlers and their dogs. To find out how they trained and lived their lives and worked hard to achieve their ambitions.

Paddy Fanning was a natural choice of interviewer for us. Well-known, liked and respected throughout the sheepdog world, Paddy took time out to record these interviews with our ‘A Way with Dogs’ handlers.
About Paddy
It all started for Paddy when he bought the book, ‘A Way Of Life’ by Glyn Jones of Bodfari. In Paddy’s own words, “I didn’t have a sheep or a dog, was probably about 21 at that time and was more interested in drinking and socialising than farming”.
That book set Paddy on a path of training and trialling until in 2000, he was standing at the stake in the International at Armathwaite, when he saw Ceri Rundle's father Glyn Jones. “Without hesitation I made my way over to him and introduced myself. I explained that ‘A Way Of Life’ was the seed that planted me at the stake of the International. I don’t know what it meant to Glyn but I know what it meant to me to be able to express my gratitude, that was the one and only time I met him. Thanks again Glyn for taking the time to write ‘A Way Of Life’ it gave me one.” Paddy Fanning
Paddy started to train sheepdogs in 1997 to help cope with the work that came with handling big numbers of sheep and a hundred or so cattle
Inspired by sheepdog trainer and international trialist, Norman Deacon, he decided to always have a working sheepdog first because if it didn’t have what it took to be a trial dog it would always be saleable. Paddy began breeding his own registered sheepdog pups under the Churchmount prefix with the International Sheepdog Society primarily of Deacon or Michael Crowe background.
Today Paddy Fanning breeds pups for himself and a circle of friends who value dogs and can trial on Sunday and work on Monday. He breeds working dogs with stamina power and balance, that are capable of top level competition.
Thank you Paddy Fanning for your patience, humour and dedication to the sport
We hope everyone enjoys these interviews with our exciting line-up of 'A Way with Dogs'  - Series 2, international handlers.