Mosse Magnusson

Mosse Magnusson & Paddy Fanning interview

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About Mosse Magnusson

Six years ago Mosse and his wife Lotta started to feel that Sweden was a bit too crowded for them and wanted a new challenge. So, they decided to sell their farm in Sweden, to realise a dream of working with herding dogs in their native country Scotland.

for the first few years Mosse and Lotta took care of Ardormie Farm with 500 Easy Care sheep. Then in December 2015, they moved to Midderry Farm. Mosse trains sheepdogs for work, trials. He also breeds and buys in young dogs that he trains to later sell to farmers & handlers. He puts a lot of time into each dog so that he can find the right dog for the job and the handler.

Contact Mosse & Lotta:

Call:  + 44 7776 198365


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