Angie Driscoll

Angie Driscoll & Paddy Fanning interview

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About Angie Driscoll

“I thought it might be fun to train a working sheepdog.” That was in 2005 when Angie owned her own marketing consulting company and was working ‘mega’ hours while watching life pass her by. One day she decided she needed a hobby... In the back of her mind, she thought it might be fun to try to train a working sheepdog, but had no sheep and had never owned a dog, so isn’t quite sure what put this idea in her head. So off she went and bought a couple of young dogs and got herself out into the field to try to figure out how to train a dog!

Angie now has 12 Border Collies, all working sheepdogs and says that as she is a farmer now most of her activities revolve around sheep.

“I use CSJ’s Salmon Oil extensively and my dogs can’t get enough of it. They love it!” Dr Angie Driscoll


About Kinloch Mazi

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