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Mike Northwood and Bryony Billson

This is the second time that Mike Northwood and Bryony Billson have worked together and they’re looking forward to many more CSJ ‘A Way with Dogs’ trials in the future.

About Mike Northwood

mike-northwoodMike Northwood, is a well known sheepdog trainer and handler.

Mike lives in Northumberland, where he runs first-class kennel. He has had a number of highly responsible shepherding jobs including Chatsworth Estate and Kirkley Hall College.

Mike has had dogs all of his life, both pets and working dogs. He has competed at many sheepdog trials across England, from which his greatest achievement has been to represent England, twice, in the International Sheepdog Society’s International Sheepdog trials.

Mike has had more than four decades of practical experience and his knowledge of dogs is gleaned from the things he has seen and done. Most importantly, he is a dog lover, deeply involved with and attached to his own dogs. His compassion with dogs has illuminated both his personal and working life and is rewarded by the love his dogs give back to him.

In ‘A Way with dogs’ Mike gives a witty, frank and unbiased view of the action and a few insiders’ tips. The atmosphere increases in intensity as the winners succeed by only a few points.

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About Bryony Billson

TV presenter, countryside lover and farmer’s daughter.

A vivacious, friendly and confident presenter, Bryony Billson is an exciting new fresh face to British TV. As a farmer’s daughter she’s a countryside girl with a passion for all things outdoors. She is ambitious, hardworking and has an open, friendly and fun on-camera persona.

Her professional and adaptable presenting style (usually in wellies!) brings a unique and lively combination of skills together. Bryony’s knowledge and experience is broad and varied from agriculture and animals, to outdoor sports and environmental issues. Her infectious enthusiasm for everything she does can be seen on screen and in her writing.

In ‘A Way with Dogs’ Bryony guides the viewer through the programmes focusing on the intense trust and working relationships between dogs and handlers and the skills and tenacity of the judge. Find out more about Bryony

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