Afternoon of the Qualifying Rounds of A Way with Dogs – Series 2

The making of A Way with Dogs. Blog post 3.

We broke for lunch and after a good chat in the Gourmet Sausage Box queue, I stopped to ask Sue how things were going…

Next, we were back on for the drawing of the running order for Group 4.

Group 4

10. Thomas Longton with Jim
11. Aled Owen with Llangwm Cap.
12. Kevin Evans with Preseli Ci

Peter signalled he was ready and the afternoon runs began.


A masterful line up, the air was heavy with tension and the chat ceased as the runs started.. The afternoon was underway now and the sounds of the whistles and commands cut cleanly through the cold, quiet air.

As Group 4 stood round waiting for a filmed review chat about the runs, the banter was back and better than ever…

Then the last group were called for the draw.

Group 5

13. Michael Gallagher with Coin
14. Ricky Hutchinson with Jock
15. Sergio Perello with Murguia Jim


Sue Main and Andy Jackman compared notes and stepped out of the raised ‘Judging vehicle’. The day was done. Next task was to announce the semi-finalists… Who would get to run in the morning on the infamously tricky Double Gather course at Bwlch Isaf…?


We’re not going to give the game away, so you’ll have to wait to find out what happens next until we release our ‘A Way with Dogs’ Series 2 films on YouTube. But until then… watch this space and wait for our next blog post to find out what happened that evening.